A Message Of Hope by Fiona Harcourt

In a new town, a new home, a new school and with a new found faith, sixteen year old Fiona thought she had finally found that sense of belonging and acceptance she had always longed for. Just a few short months later, her world was turned upside down with three life-changing words: “You have cancer”.


This book follows her journey through one of the darkest times in her life. Armed with a childlike innocence and blind faith in her Lord, Fiona travelled the road toward healing. She saw through her own eyes the power in praise and the mighty effect of the touch of Jesus Christ on her life and the lives of others. Through it all she gained a greater awareness that she was to share her testimony so that those in crisis might know Jesus’ message of hope.


"As Fiona's Pastor at the time she developed cancer, I thoroughly endorse what is written in this book and praise God for the miracles of healing and of being able to give birth esprit being told she would not bear children.


When she was quite young Fiona developed a faith in a miracle working God that is still with her today. Her experiences and faith in God will no doubt be a help to many who read her book."


Pastor Kevin (& Cath) Richardson

River Of Life Christian Church, Ballarat, Victoria

Listen to Fiona's latest testimony of how God has healed her from heart failure.

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“Fiona is an inspirational woman, wonderful wife, dedicated mother, and faithful servant of the Lord. This book is a picture of God’s faithfulness painted in words. Her story will inspire readers to rise to greater levels of faith regardless of the circumstances and to receive hope and encouragement to believe in God for their own challenges in life. The book is written with frankness, yet with a softness that will melt the hardest heart. My wife Desma and I give A Message Of Hope our unconditional endorsement.”


Rev John W.J. Hewitt ordained minister for over 50 years.

Pioneering Missionary in PNG,

National Christian Leader and International Preacher.

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